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Purple Dude Internet Watch can help parents promote safe surfing online by supervising the way their children use the Internet. Just as kids can be harmed, bullied, or bully others on the playground, some supervision is always a good idea. The Internet also opens the doors to inappropriate adult-oriented language and content. And in an era when predators are all too common, you can fight back and help keep your children out of harm’s way by checking for suspicious “pen pal” activity. By reporting your suspicions to the proper authorities, you may be able to help protect other children as well.

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Are my children at risk?

  • Purple Dude Internet Watch puts you, the parent, in control. You decide how much information you want to gather—and how much you want to tell your children about your monitoring activities.

  • You can opt to take a picture of what’s appearing on their screen at any specified time interval, and send the images to any email address you choose.

  • You can also track every single keystroke your children make: the programs they use, the Web sites they visit, even the passwords they use.

  • All captured information is stored in an encrypted log file, which can be forwarded silently and automatically to your email address.
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