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Internet Safety

Its important for parents to discuss internet safety with their children. Most parents do not think setting simple rules will help but the difference is there. Children sometimes know when something is wrong but do they know its okay for them to tell you? Your child could be receiving messages or emails from people discussing topics your child didn't expect. Its not their fault and they should know that, and know its best to show you these kind of messages and let you the parent deal with it.

Useful Links/Online Tips:

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Microsoft Child Safety Tips

FBI Internet Guide

Rules to discuss
Never give out your real name - use a nickname. Never tell someone your phone number or address.
Never tell someone places you go like your school or a park. Do not send your picture through email or upload your picture to a web site without talking with your parents first.
Do not respond to rude or nasty messages and emails. Never agree to meet with someone you met online without speaking with your parents first.
Ask your parents before logging on to chat rooms. Do not open file attachments from strangers.


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